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Project's status

Sébastien Bigaret

March 4, 2006

Example of projects using the framework

Some applications have been in production for some time now, e.g. two applications by the author that have been in production since november 2002:

  1. a python-gtk-based app. for bookshops' stock and sales management.
    • mono-threaded application
    • involved a team of four persons for five months w/ intensive use of the framework
    • number of entities in the model: 45
    • database size: about 190 Mo, 2,336,345 rows
    • about 4300 transactions per day,

  2. a zope-based web app. dedicated to the supervision of doctors in duty for the french emergency services
    • Multi-threaded environment (Zope-2.6.1), dev. 2 man-months
    • model: 10 entities,
    • database size: about 2Mo, 27500 rows,
    • about 8800 transactions per day.

Both of these projects make a heavy use of qualifiers (fetch), custom validation logic, inheritance and nested EditingContext.

We'd be happy to hear about your own projects and deployment experience.

Development status: Production/Stable

While the framework is stable and used in production, there is still some features that miss before v1.0:

  • There is a lack of functionalities for the sessioning mechanisms , see the following sections in the User's Guide for details:

  • there are still important missing features:
    • database locking policy: neither the optimistic locking nor the pessimistic one is available. This means that the framework cannot safely handle a situation where another independent process modifies the database.

    • Automatic many-to-many relationship is not supported yet. Important: It does not mean that they cannot be modeled: see the dedicated section in the User's Guide: Modeling many-to-many relationships

    • It is not possible yet to specify that the framework should hold no more than a given number of objects.

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Sébastien Bigaret 2006-03-04