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2.4.6 Attribute

Prop.  Type  Default  Comment 
name string no default The name is the only mandatory arguments when instanciating a Attribute. Once set, it should not be changed
columnName string externalNameForInternalName(name) 2.5  
type string 'int'  
externalType string 'INTEGER'  
isClassProperty int 1  
isRequired int 0  
precision int 0  
scale int 0  
width int 0  
defaultValue   None  
usedForLocking int 0  
displayLabel string ''  
doc string '' comment

Note: For details about these properties and their meaning, please refer to 2.3.3.

Every attribute can be declared as a plain Attribute object. However, the framework provides convenience subclasses for standard attributes:

We now examines those subclasses and their defaults.


...externalNameForInternalName(name) 2.5
as defined in module Entity, see externalNameForInternalName

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