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6.4 Zope

The framework is shipped with a particular component, ZEditingContextSessioning, that makes it possible to have an EditingContext lazily created on a per-session basis.

When installed in the Products/ folder of a Zope instance, it automatically modifies the class TransientObject6.1 and adds a new method to it: defaultEditingContext. It also binds itself to the sessioning machinery so that the EditingContext attached to a session is automatically finalized when the session is expired.

Accessing the EditingContext bound to a particular session is as simple as calling defaultEditingContext() on the SESSION object.

Note: Zope does not immediately destroy expired sessions ; they are marked as expired and are only destroyed when a given thread is elected for doing the ''housekeeping'' (see lib/python/Products/Transience/, method_getCurrentBucket()). This means that the defaultEditingContext assigned to a session will not be finalized when the session expires, but a certain amount of time afterwards.


The SESSION object is an instance of TransientObject

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