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Module Modeling.logging

Module logging

A central module where all logging methods used in the framework are declared.

trace, debug, info, warn, error, fatal -- These methods are used within
the framework to indicate its activity. Apart during development or debugging tasks of the core, they normally should not be activated. Activating them usually implies a great loss of performance.
db_trace, db_debug, db_info, db_warn, db_error, db_fatal -- These methods
are dedicated to the logging of all actions performed against a concrete database connection. All but db_error and db_fatal are not activated by default. To activate them, set the environment variable ENABLE_DATABASE_LOGGING to any non-empty string.

When activated, these methods print their message into sys.stderr

CVS information

$Id:,v 1.8 2004/07/20 06:21:37 sbigaret Exp $

Function Summary
  db_debug(msg, severity)
  db_info(msg, severity)
  db_log(msg, severity)
  db_trace(msg, severity)
  db_warn(msg, severity)
  debug(msg, severity)
  error(msg, severity)
  fatal(msg, severity)
  info(msg, severity)
  log(msg, severity)
  no_log(msg, severity)
  trace(msg, severity)
  warn(msg, severity)

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