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Module Modeling.interfaces.ObjectStoreInterface

ObjectStore Interface


  In addition, the module declares the following constants for use by the
  posted Notifications:
    - DeletedKey

    - InsertedKey

    - InvalidatedKey

    - UpdatedKey

  The posted notifications are identified by strings declared in the module as
    - InvalidatedAllObjectsInStoreNotification: __TBD when/what (object, userInfo)
        Posted when the method 'invalidateAllObjects'

    - ObjectsChangedInStoreNotification: __TBD when/what (object, userInfo)

        Posted every time an ObjectStore notices that some of its objects
        has changed.
        The notification contains:
          * object: the ObjectStore posting the notification
          * userInfo: a dictionary

            key: DeletedKey
            value: __TBD (globalIDs)

            key: InsertedKey
            value: __TBD (globalIDs)

            key: InvalidatedKey
            value: __TBD (globalIDs)

            key: UpdatedKey
            value: a sequence which consists of the updated object's GlobalIDs 

  CVS information

    $Id:,v 1.8 2004/07/20 06:21:41 sbigaret Exp $

ObjectStoreInterface ObjectStore API

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