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Type setup_tmpl

 object --+            
BaseServlet --+        
        Servlet --+    
           Template --+

Method Summary
  __init__(self, *args, **KWs)
  respond(self, trans)
    Inherited from Template
  compile(klass, source, file, returnAClass, compilerSettings, compilerClass, moduleName, className, mainMethodName, baseclass, moduleGlobals, cacheCompilationResults, useCache, preprocessors, cacheModuleFilesForTracebacks, cacheDirForModuleFiles, keepRefToGeneratedCode)
The core API for compiling Cheetah source code into template classes. (Class method)
Return a reference to the current errorCatcher
Return the class code the compiler generated, or None if no compilation took place.
Return the module code the compiler generated, or None if no compilation took place.
  getCacheRegion(self, regionID, cacheInfo, create)
Returns a dictionary of the 'cache regions' initialized in a template.
  getFileContents(self, path)
A hook for getting the contents of a file.
  getVar(self, varName, default, autoCall)
Get a variable from the searchList.
  hasVar(self, varName, autoCall)
Test if a variable name exists in the searchList.
  i18n(self, message, plural, n, id, domain, source, target, comment)
This is just a stub at this time.
  refreshCache(self, cacheRegionId, cacheItemId)
Refresh a cache region or a specific cache item within a region.
Allows the Template to function as a standalone command-line program for static page generation.
Return a reference to the searchlist
Break reference cycles before discarding a servlet.
  subclass(klass, *args, **kws)
template that is a subclass of the template this method is called from. (Class method)
  varExists(self, varName, autoCall)
Test if a variable name exists in the searchList.
  webInput(self, names, namesMulti, default, src, defaultInt, defaultFloat, badInt, badFloat, debug)
Method for importing web transaction variables in bulk.
    Inherited from Servlet
  awake(self, transaction)
  serverSidePath(self, path, normpath, abspath)
  sleep(self, transaction)
    Inherited from object
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  __new__(T, S, ...)
T.__new__(S, ...) -> a new object with type S, a subtype of T
helper for pickle
helper for pickle
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Class Variable Summary
    Inherited from Servlet
NoneType application = None                                                                  
NoneType request = None                                                                  
NoneType session = None                                                                  
NoneType transaction = None                                                                  

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