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Object-Relational Bridge for python

Sébastien Bigaret

Feb 26, 2006

What is the Modeling Framework?

The Modeling framework intends to fill the gap between the python object world and relational databases. It relies on a model, based on Entity-Relationship Modelling, that describes how the two worlds map to each other. From your design of such a model, the database's schema and corresponding python classes are automatically generated. Thus, once you have designed how your classes should be stored in the RDBMS, you can focus on the real challenges - the logic of your business objects - while remaining in the object-oriented world of those objects and never having to worry about the SQL and RDBMS persistence layer below.

You can have a look at some elements of history, which explains why, and how, I did this, and where my ''inspiration'' came from: the Enterprise Object Framework (TM) from Apple, now integrated to their WebObjects application server.

See also: the list of the main features.


DISCLAIMER: apart from being the origin of my inspiration, neither the Enterprise Object Framework (TM) nor Apple have anything to do with this work. Neither this document nor any other project-related documents, nor the source code in itself, are in any way associated with Apple, Inc., nor do I as the author have any relationship with Apple, Inc. This page and related ones, the software and its author are not in anyway connected with Apple, Inc. In particular, they are not endorsed by Apple, Inc. in any way.

Enterprise Object Framework is a trademark of NeXT Software, Inc ; Apple and WebObjects are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.

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Sébastien Bigaret 2006-03-04