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2.4.1 Organization of this chapter

The next section, 2.4.2, will give a full example of a PyModel.

Section  will then discuss defaults: what they are, and how they will be changed. It should be read before referring to the components' details, since it explains important things that won't be repeated afterwards.

Then, for each component of a model (Model, Entity, etc.), a comprehensive list of available properties will be given, including their default values. These properties are those we saw in section 2.3. We suppose here that the content of this section is known, so if you need details about the meaning and effects of some component's property, please refer to the component's detailed description, above.

Last, please note that the section describing Models (2.4.5) exposes in details how these properties can be set; this information will not be repeated in the sections coming afterwards.

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