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5.4 Limitations with multiple child EditingContexts

You may wonder how child EditingContexts behave when changes in any one of them is saved to its parent. The answer, for now, is quite simple: the other children won't notice anything. This leads to some problems, depending on the changes affected in the child EditingContext:

  1. if the children only update the data without inserting or deleting any object, you can declare several children for a given EditingContext. However, any changes committed by a child for an object obj will be overriden when an other child subsequently saves its own changes if, and only if, the same object obj has also been updated in that other child.

  2. however, the possibility that multiple children would also concurrently insert or delete objects is not supported. We strongly advise against having more than one child for a given EditingContext if you insert or delete objects in the child, as this would lead to unpredictible behaviour.

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