Please note: this project is inactive since early 2006

1.1 A historic preamble

This framework is intended to be an open-source port of the Enterprise Object Framework TM [hereafter called EOF], a NeXT technology now owned by Apple Computer, Inc. and used in its WebObjectsTM application server. I have worked for two years using this framework before I switched to an other company and a new technology (zope+python); and, of course, once I had seen the power of such a framework, that was pretty hard to go back to manually preparing the DB schema, the SQL statements, etc... Discovering python and zope, and since using the original framework was not an option for the company I work for, I began developing a few tools to help me with DB-integration into an object world and, after a few shaky tries, I realized that what I really missed and was eager for was the EOF and that, instead of trying to re-invent the wheel, I'd better go ahead and develop my own version of the framework.

Disclaimer: The EOF goes much farther than this framework: it is well tested and robust for many years and in any case should not be assimilated to what I have done. If you have the opportunity to buy and use the original EOF, go for it, as this is a really pleasant and instructive journey.

Enterprise Object FrameworkTM is a trademark of NeXT Software, Inc; Apple and WebObjects are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.

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