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3.1 From model to python code

A (valid!) model contains all the necessary informations to generate a usable python package that can be used immediately to store and retrieve informations in a database.

In this section, we examine the different ways offered in the framework to derive usable python code from a model; the model we'll use is AuthorBooks, that you'll find it in:
Modeling/tests/testPackages/AuthorBooks (either the pymodel in, or the xml-model in model_AuthorBooks.xml), and which is described in section 2.1.1.

Note: Even if the framework offers different ways of deriving python code from models, you do not have to use these tools: they are provided for convenience but you can choose to write your package and code by other means of your own. If you choose to do so, you'll find below in the section  the few requirements needed to bind your classes to a model and to the framework.

Quick reminder: in this model, we have two entities, Writer and Book:

              +--------+                         +------+
              | Writer |<-author----------books->| Book |
              |--------|                         |------|
              |        |                         |      |
              |        |<-pygmalion--+           |      |
              +--------+             |           +------+
                   |                 |

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